Just to let anyone know who gets on this blog by following a link from somewhere else, I’m not posting on this blog anymore.   I don’t know if anyone still comes to this blog, but I see I have a few followers, so maybe they will get this message by e-mail when I post it.


You are welcome to come to to read posts imported from this blog and additional posts written during the months after that.  I haven’t been posting at all during summer of 2014, due to computer issues, but I’m back online now.  I’ve not yet decided whether I will resume blogging, but if I do, it will be on RockWhisperer.


Thanks for reading, and following, and commenting, those that do.  Hugs, Ilene

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One Response to Moved

  1. Mary says:

    Really missed your postings. I have learned so much from you, like visiting with a friend.
    God bless you and your household, may you have many blessed years ahead.
    I don’t have a website, but am one of the “lurkers” who read your blog, and it makes me feel not so alone.

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